Welcome to the INFN Section of Pavia

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The National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) collects together researchers who aim
to discover the mechanisms of the infinitely small as well as of the infinitely large.
For this intent they think up and develop innovative technologies through which carrying out the most accurate measurements that humanity can do. INFN is one of the most prestigious and important Italian institutes for research, both theoretical and experimental, in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics, as well as in research and technological development relevant to activities in these sectors. INFN research activities are all carried out in an international competition environment and in close collaboration with the Italian academic world, on the basis of consolidated and decades-long relationships.

On April 21, 1972, the Related Group of Pavia (established in July 1962 to enhance the scientific activity of the Institute of Physics) was transformed into a Section.